Fast-forward to April, Dirty ol’ Crow rocked their way through the quarter finals of M2TM and just one month later, stormed through the semi finals too.


Confirmed as GRAND FINALISTS just seven months after their very first gig, the final has been a surreal experience for them, and they delivered an electric show. Even though they did not secure their place for Bloodstock Open Air (the grand prize of the competition), they made their statement to the London music scene: “Dirty ol’ Crow is here to stay!!”


Dirty ol’ Crow has recently released their first single "Sex Dictator" in collaboration with PR company SaN PR. You can listen to the song and watch their self-produced music video here. Or you can stream/download it on any major online platform.

They have almost constantly new gigs coming up, so, if you wanna make sure to be up to date or if you wanna know when's the next time you can catch one of their balls-to-the-wall live show, follow them here and you won't miss a thing.

a brief history

Dirty ol’ Crow was formed in April 2017 in London, UK. They are an energetic five piece Hard-Rock band with one goal - to bring raw and undiluted Rock n’ Roll to as many ears as possible! Their sound is a mixture of classic and new - a blend of their influences, modern ideas and sheer energy.


Vocal lines that sweep from Punk to 80s Rock, punchy bass lines, raw and biting guitars with piercing solos and unconventional thundering drum beats influenced by the darkest branches of metal. Dirty ol’ Crow are a diverse but rock solid wall of sound that delivers an energetic and eye-catching live show.


After the first months of rehearsals, they played their first show at the iconic Metal to the Masses (M2TM) competition in November 2017. With a great crowd response, they went on to the quarter finals scheduled for the next April. Meanwhile, they gigged extensively throughout London’s rock scene. The band has also been contacted by Andy J. Davies from Damage Records who offered them a deal to produce their first single, Sex Dictator.

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Dirty ol' Crow

Vik 2_edited.jpg

Vikki Totten




Guitar / Vocals

Mike 2_edited.jpg
Fill 1_edited.jpg

Filippo Monticelli

Guitar / Vocals



Bass / Vocals

Dom 1_edited.jpg
Ludo 1_edited.jpg

Liud Carter

Drums / Vocals

"Like a true nature's child
We were born, born to be wild
We can climb so high
I never wanna die"


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